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Grandma, uh, I love God with all my heart, and the only reason that isn’t stated in my life is because of you. And I really don’t understand the God that you introduced me to would take you away so fast when you were the only person who ever understood a thing I ever said, and I really don’t know how to deal with this anymore and I’m just really not okay with this. And I miss you and I understand you’re in heaven but… I wanna be selfish, I don’t want you to be in heaven, I want you to be back down here I don’t want you to be there, I want you to be here, what am I supposed to do now? That’s all I’m asking.


I can’t stop listening to cool kids by echosmith




The Giving Tree

Omg I love this

This is cute as shit:)

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I think this is my fav post of all the time

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